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Abstract Policy


Abstract Policy and Regulations

Abstracts on case studies will be rejected.

With the submission of an abstract to European Cancer Congress 2015, the presenting author:

  • Certifies to be an investigator with substantial involvement in the clinical study presented in the abstract.
  • Accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract.
  • Accepts to be the contact person for all correspondence regarding the abstract and inform co-authors of its status.
  • Confirms that all co-authors are aware of and agree to the content of the abstract and support the data presented.
  • Warrants that the data and conclusions presented in the abstract have not been presented or published at any meeting of 500 delegates or more prior to the European Cancer Congress 2015.
  • Agrees to submit updated data for important large studies presented (in part) at previous meetings. Violation of this policy may result in rejection of the submitted abstract.
  • Certifies that the information in the abstract is for exclusive presentation in the European Cancer Congress 2015 Scientific Programme and will not be presented during the ECC2015 at any Satellite Symposia.
  • States that for all studies involving human or animal subjects, permission has been obtained from the relevant regulatory authority and informed consent given where appropriate.
  • For abstracts containing clinical trial data include: Trial abbreviation; Trial Registry Number or ID background; Objective, Design, Population studied (including sample size), Intervention, Outcome measure (s), Analysis, Trial status, Trial sponsor(s)
  • Identifies, obtains and discloses any financial interest in products or processes described in the abstract for all abstract authors. This includes stock ownership, membership on an advisory board or board of directors, corporate-sponsored research and other substantive relationships.
  • Releases the copyright on behalf of all authors, to ECCO and gives permission for the abstract, when selected for presentation, to be published in the European Cancer Congress 2015 Abstract book – a European Journal of Cancer Supplement (in electronic format), as well as on the ECC2015 website.
  • Trials in Progress abstracts and encore presentations will not be accepted.

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