The European Cancer Congress 2015

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Abstract Preparation and Submission

Late-breaking abstracts can only be submitted online through the submission system which will be available on the congress website from 22 July 2022 until 5 August 2015.

Abstracts submitted by regular mail, fax or e-mail will not be allowed.

The Late-Breaking Abstract submission system for the European Cancer Congress 2015 will be accessible on the congress website.

Step-by-step instructions will be provided within the submission system. Submitters can edit their abstracts until the deadline.

An e-mail confirming receipt of the abstract submitted online will be sent to the presenting author within 48 hours. An abstract number will be allocated and should be mentioned for any queries relating to the submitted abstract.

Abstract Submission Fee: Each submitted abstract must be accompanied by a 35 EUR abstract submission fee. The submission fee can only be paid by credit card. This fee is non-refundable regardless of the final status of the abstract.

Note: Submitting an abstract for presentation in the European Cancer Congress 2015 does not constitute registration for the congress. Abstract presenters must register to attend the European Cancer Congress 2015.

Abstract format

Abstracts must be submitted in good English and carefully proofread to ensure the accuracy of published material. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts submitted in poor English, or may request an immediate revision by the author.

Please choose one main topic to categorise.

The Scientific Committee has the authority to re-categorise the abstract.

The title of the abstract should be concise and accurately describe the study undertaken. Do not use non-standard abbreviations and commercial names (generic names only).

Abstracts should be structured to include the following 4 sections:

  • Background: introductory sentence specifying the purpose of the study
  • Material and methods: brief description of relevant experimental procedures
  • Results: summary of the results of the investigation
  • Conclusions: a statement of the main conclusions

The abstract submission system will not accept abstracts that exceed 2500 characters (including body of the abstract but excluding spaces and table) and submission cannot be completed.

Only one data table is permitted in the body of the abstract. Illustrations and figures are not allowed and will be deleted if submitted.

Abbreviations may be used if standard or if spelled out and defined at the first use (put in parentheses immediately after the first mention of a term or phrase).  Compounds should be mentioned with the generic name, in lower cases.  Commercial names are admitted in the text, with an ®, and if in brackets following the generic name, i.e. “generic (Commercial ®)”.

Up to 3 keywords should be provided to distinguish the abstract for indexing purposes.

No more than 20 authors can be listed with only their institutional affiliation(s), city and country. Mailing addresses and academic degrees should not be mentioned. For co-operative study groups, the name of the group should be used instead of individual institutional affiliations or include the name of the group in the title of the abstract.

More details and Information: Late-Breaking Abstract Selection Process