The European Cancer Congress 2015

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Individual registration for ECC2015


Register early, and benefit from significant savings on fees!

Only onsite registration is now possible at the venue in Vienna.

Need assistance? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Registration desk telephone number for general enquiries onsite: +32 2 880 15 21

Deadline’ refers to receipt of both registration form and payment

Regular Rate Deadline:
04  August 2015
Late Rate Deadline:
18 September 2022
Onsite Rate
As of 19 September 2015 


699 EUR 999 EUR n/a


999 EUR 1099 EUR 1199 EUR

Junior Participant**

199 EUR 220 EUR 235 EUR

Practicing Nurses/Radiotherapy Technicians  Member

250 EUR 460 EUR n/a

Non-member Practicing Nurses/Radiotherapy Technicians

375 EUR 585 EUR 685 EUR

Patient Advocates***

150 EUR 170 EUR 190 EUR

All registration fees include local VAT 
Day rate only on site 355 EUR / day

* Discounted membership rates apply to individual members of the following associations: BIG, EACR, EANM, EANO, EAU, EBMT, ECL, EONS, EORTC, ESGO, ESMO, ESO, ESOP, ESSO, ESTRO, EUSOMA, Europa Donna, Europa UOMO, Euroskin, FAC, Myeloma Patients Europe, OECI, SIOPE, UICC. Stating association and membership number is obligatory.
** Confirmation of ‘in training’ status from the Head of Department is required; the fee is only applicable for Master and PhD Students as well as for Residents in training
*** The patient advocate rate applies exclusively for individuals who are a member of a Patient Advocacy Organisation (proof of membership is required)



Ticketed Sessions

Young Oncologists Mentorship Sessions
Scientists and practitioners with a strong commitment to sharing their experience and wisdom, with the new generation of specialists, will spearhead the Mentorship Sessions.
Young Oncologists will be able to participate in these sessions that are designed to handover knowledge acquired through a wealth of experience at the highest level of oncology practice.

When registering for a mentorship session, please select one of these five options:
Round Table 1: Basic/Translational Research
Round Table 2: Medical Oncology
Round Table 3: Radiation Oncology
Round Table 4: Surgical Oncology
Round Table 5: Oncology Nursing

Please note that a fee of 35 EUR per session will be applicable. This fee is non-refundable.

Leadership Programme

Dr David Ashton has designed a series of three essential workshops.  Preferably, as a current or aspiring leader, you should consider attending the full programme.  It will challenge you and provide you with invaluable input on three levels:

  • Leadership Programme 1: “You – the Leader” – during this workshop we will discuss why you might be drawn to a leadership role, the qualities you may already possess and those you may need to develop.
  • Leadership Programme 2: “At the Heart of a Team” – during this session we will explore some concepts of team and group identity; we will also confront the crucial question of why people should follow you?
  • Leadership Programme 3: “Leading in a Complex System” – leadership happens at many levels and there comes a point where your sphere of influence, as well as your need to influence, crosses organisational as well as professional boundaries.  This session will provide you with essential tools to help you navigate these challenging transitions.
    The three workshops focus on three levels of leadership which are interrelated and yet different – to ensure your optimal personal development as a leader, it is important that you devote equal attention to all of them. The workshops will give you the opportunity to do just that in a context where you will explore, debate and experience these three levels of leadership.

Please note that a fee of 35 EUR per session will be applicable. This fee is non-refundable.

    More details and information: Leadership Programme


    Practical registration details

    Methods of payment
    All payments are in Euro (€) and the full amount must be received before the corresponding deadline.
    Accepted credit cards are: Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa or American Express. Payment by credit card is preferred. 
    Alternatively, direct bank transfer should be made to ECC2015 Registration account c/o ECCO.
    NB: Deadline to receive payments by bank transfer is 4 September, 2015. After this date, bank transfer payments will no longer be accepted due to the proximity to the congress.
    To facilitate easy processing, please indicate your registration number in your remittance.

    Onsite registration payment: they can be made by credit card (Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa or American Express) only.

    Confirmation of Registration
    You will receive a personalised confirmation of your registration by email once your payment has been received.

    Any replacement (i.e. change of participant’s name) of a confirmed registration is subject to a 95 EUR administration fee per participant. Replacement(s) of participant(s) are accepted till 7th September. After that date the full registration fee applies.

    Cancellation & refund
    All cancellations are subject to a 120 EUR administration fee per participant. The deadline to receive the cancellation request is Tuesday 4 August 2015. Cancellation requests after this date are not refunded.

    Please book hotel accommodation directly through the official housing agent.

    Digital Scientific Programme
    Please note that the Scientific Programme of the Congress will only be available online and through our mobile app – free for download on all Apple and Google mobile devices, also operational in offline mode and including a wide range of advanced functionality to enhance your delegate experience.

    Italian Participants – Prerichiesta AIFA
    The IPCAA-Italia Association has been appointed to manage the legal documentation required by Italian Legislative Order n.541 of December 30, 1992, art 12, Para 3. Please contact the IPCAA-Italia Association directly for Italian ‘Prerichiesta AIFA’:

    IPCAA-Italia Association
    Via Dario Niccodemi 14 
    20052 Monza (MI), Italy
    Fax: +39 039 2121693
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Need assistance? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.