The European Cancer Congress 2015

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Non CME Sessions

Leadership Programme


Clinicians often step into leadership roles where they have to manage teams and implement new models of care by working collaboratively.  These are roles of considerable complexity and have a high impact on patient care. While in many cases clinicians have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities there are also many salient examples where their leadership failure has led to missed opportunities. Organisational, professional and personal rivalries can contaminate relationships and even cause harm to the patients in our care.  You need the right skills to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a strong positive impact of your work as a leader.


In times of limited resources, where your primary task can be unclear and treatment options may be quite rightly contested, you need to be very aware of your approach as a leader and how it impacts on the people you work with closely as well as the wider system in which your work is contained.

Dr. David Ashton has designed a series of three essential workshops.  Preferably, as a current or aspiring leader, you should consider attending the full programme.  It will challenge you and provide you with invaluable input on three levels:

  • Leadership Programme 1: “You – the Leader” – during this workshop we will discuss why you might be drawn to a leadership role, the qualities you may already possess and those you may need to develop. This session will be held on Saturday, 26 September, 15:15-16:45.
  • Leadership Programme 2: “At the Heart of a Team” – during this session we will explore some concepts of team and group identity; we will also confront the crucial question of why people should follow you? This session will be held on Sunday, 27 September, 15:15-16:45.
  • Leadership Programme 3: “Leading in a Complex System” – leadership happens at many levels and there comes a point where your sphere of influence, as well as your need to influence, crosses organisational as well as professional boundaries.  This session will provide you with essential tools to help you navigate these challenging transitions. This session will be held on Monday, 28 September, 15:15-16:45.

The three workshops focus on three levels of leadership which are interrelated and yet different – to ensure your optimal personal development as a leader, it is important that you devote equal attention to all of them. The workshops will give you the opportunity to do just that in a context where you will explore, debate and experience these three levels of leadership.


Following attendance at all three ECCO 2015 leadership workshops, you will receive a certificate and you will have:

  • Developed an understanding of your personal responsibilities as a leader and how this differs from a managerial skill set.
  • Developed an understanding and insight to leadership and team dynamics – crucially the signs and symptoms of a well functioning team and a team where you as a leader need to take action and what that action might be.
  • Explored and developed an understanding of the notion of collective leadership. This is crucial for people whose roles span organisational and professional boundaries.

Please note that a fee of 35 EUR per session will be applicable. Please note this fee is non-refundable. Register here.


Young Oncologists Mentorship Sessions

Scientists and practitioners with a strong commitment to sharing their experience and wisdom, with the new generation of specialists, will spearhead the Mentorship Sessions.

Young Oncologists will be able to participate in these sessions that are designed to handover knowledge acquired through a wealth of experience at the highest level of oncology practice.

When registering for a Mentorship Session, please select one of these five options:

  • Round Table 1: Basic/Translational Research
  • Round Table 2: Medical Oncology
  • Round Table 3: Radiation Oncology
  • Round Table 4: Surgical Oncology
  • Round Table 5: Oncology Nursing

The Mentorship Sessions will be held on:

  • Saturday, 26 September, 13:00 – 14:30
  • Sunday, 27 September, 13:00 – 14:30
  • Monday, 28 September, 13:00 – 14:30

Please note that a fee of 35 EUR per session will be applicable. Please note this fee is non-refundable. Register here.