European Cancer Organisation

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About ECCO Policy

ECCO is uniquely positioned to provide the voice of consensus of European oncology professionals and engage with policy-makers to ensure that cancer stays at the top of the EU agenda.

Providing a rallying point for Europe’s community of oncology professionals, ECCO’s Policy arm engages in oncopolicy: planned and sustained interaction with EU policy-makers as well as third-party stakeholders to anticipate and proactively shape EU cancer health and research policy.

Policy Statement on Multidisciplinary Cancer

Cancer care is undergoing an important paradigm shift from a disease-focused management to a patient-centred approach, in which increasingly more attention is paid to psychosocial aspects, quality of life, patients’ rights and empowerment, and survivorship. In this context, multidisciplinary teams emerge as a practical necessity for optimal coordination among health professionals and clear communication with patients.