The 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress

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Onsite Instructions for Session Chairs

  • Before the session begins, introduce yourself to each presenter and review with them the order of events and the amount of time allotted for their presentation. Please be sure presenters understand that this time is inclusive of questions and answer period.

  • Inform speakers of how you will indicate how much time they have left for their talk (5 min., 2 min., 1 min., stop) and how you will interrupt them if they have reached the end of their allotted time.  

  • Try to leave time for pertinent questions and answers (especially if the talk is particularly inspiring or controversial).  If however, all time has expired for that speaker, it is acceptable to ask the audience to discuss issues with that speaker after the end of the session. 

  • It is up to you as theSession Chair to ensure that ALL speakers receive their allotted time and that the audience has opportunity for their questions and comments.

You may also wish to introduce yourself to the audio-visual technician, as you may need to call upon them for assistance.



  • Welcome the audience. 

  • Encourage attendees to sit in the front section of the room, or if attendees are standing in the back of the room, ask them to fill in the seating.

  • Make an announcement to please turn off all cellular phones as a courtesy for all in attendance.

  • Make an announcement that no photographs and videos should be taken.

Chairing the Session

  • Start the session on time. If you wait while more people wander in from the hall, it can throw off the schedule, taking time away from other speakers and making it hard for attendees to move between rooms to listen to talks in parallel sessions.

  • Introduce the session topic

  • Introduce the speakers

  • Maintain the program schedule

  • Adhere to the schedule printed in the Program relating to the order of speakers 

  • If a speaker cancelled or fails to show up, don’tstart the next talk early (To accommodate meeting attendees who are moving from session to session we must stay on schedule):

  • In this case:

    – Open the floor to an extended Q&A session for speakers who have already presented

    – Have one or two controversial topics ready for discussion

    – Open the floor for discussion on any topic of interest to the audience

    –  Start the next talk at its published, scheduled time


  •  When the announced presentations have been completed, invite questions and comments from the audience.  
  • Acknowledge each presenter following their presentation and thank them for their participation.
  • Please keep your time block on schedule.


Please announce:


1. There is Twittering ongoing with hash tag: EMCC2011


    After the session for 30 minutes attendees can follow in this session room the ongoing Twittering with hash tag: EMCC2011 (only Rooms: Victoria Hall, A6, A3, K1, T1)

2. Remind attendees that a Certificate of Attendance may be printed online via the ECCO website AFTER the Congress using the badge code number.


Please keep your badge to print your certificate.



  • In case of an emergency such as fire or natural disaster, an alarm will sound.

  • Keep calm and encourage the participants to evacuate the facility and proceed to the nearest exit

Please click here to dowload these guidelines as a pdf.


Being a session chair is a straightforward but very important responsibility, and we thank you greatly for your service.

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