The European Cancer Congress 2015

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Presenters Guidelines



Authors of selected abstracts (oral and/or poster) should carefully read the following important documents in preparation of their presentations and/or posters:



All sessions during ECC 2015 will be webcast 1 hour after the end of the session. Presenters will be audio and video captured, allowing users to view and listen to the presentation exactly as originally delivered. If, as a presenter, you do not wish to make your presentation available via webcast or wish to omit certain slides, please indicate this on the consent form available at the onsite Speaker Preview Room. In the event you do not fill in a consent form, your presentation will be webcast as originally delivered.

Abstracts Online

The European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) will release abstracts for general viewing, provided authors have consented, on its website on 11 September 2015. Abstracts where authors did not consent to early release will be published online on the first day of the Congress, 25 September 2015.

Abstracts selected for oral presentations and late-breaking abstracts will only be released for general viewing on the ECCO website on the day of their respective presentations.


Posters on USB & Online Viewing

Elsevier will produce a poster USB stick and online poster viewing tool. In August 2015, Elsevier will contact poster presenters with instructions on how to submit their posters for the USB and online viewing tool.

Elsevier also offers the possibility, at your own expense, of printing and delivering posters for collection on site in Vienna.

• Cost of Printing: 85 EUR, payable online via the poster portal
• Deadline: 11 September
• Allowable File Formats: High-Resolution PDF
• Poster Pick-Up: Poster Area, 26-28 September, 07:30 – 19:15

For further questions about poster printing, please contact [email protected]


Embargo Policy for Abstracts Selected for Media

  • Abstracts selected for the ECC 2015 are considered to be embargoed until the first day of presentation.
  • Information contained in the abstract as well as additional data and information to be presented must not be made public before the abstract has been published or presented at the ECC 2015
  • The first author and co-authors must not release the research/study to news media.
  • If the policy is violated, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn from presentation and from publication online.