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ESTRO – Regaud Award

Recipient: Bengt Glimelius

About the Award: Claudius Regaud was born in Lyon in 1870. In 1911 he described the principles of fractionation from his work on the testis and the need for quality and a multidisciplinary approach in cancer care in 1927. He introduced the principles of fractionation in clinical practice with Coutard, a good example of translational research – ‘observe and translate’ was his message.

Bengt Glimelius is Professor of Oncology at the Department of Oncology, Radiology and Clinical Immunology at the University of Uppsala and at the Department of oncology and pathology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. He is also responsible for the care of patients with gastrointestinal cancer at the university hospital in Uppsala.

Prof. Glimelius main research areas deal with tumour biology, gastrointestinal cancer, malignant lymphomas, radiotherapy and psychosocial care. He has an interest in better understanding the reasons why certain individuals get anal cancer and malignant lymphomas, how to best stage different tumours, and what influences the choice of therapy. His aim is to further better develop clinical prognostic and predictive markers and study the short and long-term effects of various treatments in exploratory and randomised clinical trials.

Patient reported outcomes are of great importance in his scientific work. He is a member of several scientific organisations and has been the principal investigator in several national and international clinical trials. He has published more than 500 research articles and chapters in different textbooks within the research areas.
Prof. Glimelius has lectured at many international conferences, chaired several Consensus Conferences, official investigations, and is the Chief Editor of Acta Oncologica and member of the Editorial Board of several scientific journals. He has also received several awards and honours.