The European Cancer Congress 2015

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Registration for press


The Congress is open to bona fide, working journalists, representing print and electronic media. Registration is free of charge to such journalists who are in possession of a valid, recognised press card. Freelance journalists must present a commissioning letter on headed paper from a recognised news organisation or publication.

A copy of the Press Card or of the commissioning letter should be sent, together with the media registration form, to: Kay Roche, email:

 (with scanned documents).

The original of the Press card or of the commissioning letter will also have to be presented at the conference registration desk together with a valid passport or ID-card.

Journalists must register in person. Applications for media registration made via pharmaceutical, marketing or public relations companies will not be considered.

Publications that send journalists to the Congress to write CME copy will be allowed a total of two journalists. Journals of societies that are members of ECCO may be permitted to register one media representative if their application for media registration is supported by a letter from the Editor in Chief of the journal.

Media registration in advance is strongly recommended. This enables us to deal with any queries or problems in advance.

Representatives of public relations companies, advertising agencies, marketing companies, pharmaceutical companies, financial analysts and their publications are not allowed to register as journalists or to work in the press room, but they are welcome to register as regular participants at the Congress. PR representatives from other organisations, whether commercial or non-commercial, are not allowed to register to work in the press office.

Information regarding media registrations belongs to ECCO and its media consultants. Past and current media lists are not available to be given, rented, or sold.