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Immunotherapy: Can the hype deliver?

Medicine is an area that suffers from scare stories and over-hyping in the media, with few fields as susceptible as oncology. Front page headlines talking about “cures” or “causes” abound, and there is a “next big thing” almost weekly. However the growing interest around immunotherapy seems to be causing genuine excitement rarely seen across researchers and clinicians.

According to Dr Ignacio Melero, “most of the oncologists and haematologists perceive this field as probably the main area to progress and to achieve better therapeutic efficacy, at the very least for the next five years”. Ignacio will be chairing the Immunotherapy in Cancer track at this year’s European Cancer Congress, and is also a researcher and clinician at the University Clinic of Navarra and the Centre of Applied Medical Research, both in Pamplona, Spain.

Immunotherapy uses the body’s own immune system as a way of fighting a disease, helping it to mount a more successful response. In cancer, immunotherapy involves helping the immune system to recognise and target cancer cells, which so often are able to evade detection and hence destruction.

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Educational opportunities for patient advocates @ECC2015

The patient advocacy track at ECC2015 aims primarily to help patient advocates deepen their understanding of a wide range of topical issues in the area of cancer care.

A full session will explore various aspects surrounding the quality of treatment. Participants will be informed about the meaning of generics, biosimilars, counterfeits medicines and sub-standard drugs. The role of genetics in the treatment pathway will be explained with the concrete example of the EORTC SPECTA programme.

A session will look at the flow of information between healthcare professionals and patients addressing topics like communication when fear gets in the way, talking on issues of sexuality and other quality of life angles.

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Key themes from the Oncopolicy Forum track

The daily reality of cancer patients and professionals is very much shaped by health policy, and the EU plays a key role in Member States’ cancer care, prevention and control.

The ECCO Oncopolicy Forum (OPF) is the forum for cancer professionals representing the whole spectrum of care, researchers and patients to engage directly with EU policy makers at the highest level.

The OPF 2015 – this year part of the European Cancer Congress – will not be an exception. We are delighted to announce the participation of EU Commissioner for Health Dr. Vytenis Andriukaitis. The Commissioner will deliver opening speeches at both the OPF – under the title ‘The role of the EU in supporting cancer prevention and control’ – and the Opening Plenary Session of the European Cancer Congress together with ECCO President Dr. Martine Piccart.

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Register early, save money, plan your year

Small reminder for those who have dismissed to register. The 4th of August will be the deadline of the REGULAR registration. Why pay more when you can pay less? Hurry up and make your registration.

Remember that all the payments have to be made in Euro (€) and the amount must be received before the deadline. If you want to have more details concerning the fees and the way to proceed check the Practical registration details

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23 June 2022
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