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Social media platforms for oncology professionals

Social media offers great opportunities for connecting and sharing within the oncology community:

  • Expand your network
  • Keep updated on news and views
  • See who is talking about what
  • Follow, watch and engage with the oncology community


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Tutorials: Get started with social media

In the slipstream of oncology conferences, public relations, education and advocacy, an expanding universe of social platforms unfolds. But it can be hard to break the code. Here are some tutorials.


  LinkedIn – the professional contact point for business exchange
Discuss trends and data in oncology through our discussion groups. ECCO has established six groups, offering a space dedicated to discussion and debate on cancer-related topics.
Read the LinkedIn tutorial now.
  Twitter – the brief dialog and content sharing point
Among oncologists Twitter is like a large discussion forum of very short comments. You can either simply read and follow, or you can chose to participate yourself. During our events ECCO integrates attendee tweets into the information flow and engages in dialogue with our users.
Read the Twitter tutorial now.
  Facebook – share the social side of our activities
Connect to many more oncology stakeholders, share photos and videos from our congresses, swap tips and experiences, bond with delegates and speakers.
Read the Facebook tutorial now.


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