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Young Oncologists @ ECC 2013


Track & Mentoring Sessions

Progress in oncology is fast-moving; more medicines, treatment techniques, combinations and options are available than ever before, and new opportunities crop up on a regular basis. Keeping up-to-date on all this important information is essential to ensure better cancer treatment for patients. Young oncologists can usually obtain up-to-the-minute information and updates on clinical trials and other hot topics at congresses. However, wider, career-oriented support and information to help shape and encourage their interests and future work and is often lacking, as is mentoring and guidance from experienced professionals in avoiding mistakes that they themselves have made during their own career learning curve. That is why we have ensured that all this and more can be found as part of the Young Oncologist Track & Mentoring Sessions @ ECC 2013.

A special session on how to be a happy oncologist and a panel discussion on career progression across Europe have been designed to help guide young clinicians and scientists in affirming their professional personality, facilitating them in making an impact on the oncology community. The European Cancer Congress also provides a platform to meet experts and fellow young oncologists enabling lifetime partnerships to be developed, which will further young oncologists’ career and, ultimately, provide the patients with the best possible treatment and care.

In addition, the congress will host a mentorship programme aiming to provide young oncologists the opportunity to speak to world-renowned experts in all disciplines.

As space is limited for these sessions, early registration is advised. Please register online, as part of the overall registration process.

Kindly note that you can only register online for these “ticketed sessions”.

To further promote multidisciplinary treatment and care, early morning tumour board meetings will be held with a multidisciplinary panel of experts discussing a number of organ-specific cases.

Last but not least, educational symposia and teaching lectures are available throughout the programme. These sessions are very popular with all participants and provide state-of-the-art information on cancer treatment, research and care. An online Education Book will support these sessions.


Flims Alumni Club

The Flims Alumni Club (FAC) will be organising a session based on the Flims Workshop. This workshop, held every year since 1999 in the small town of Flims, nestled in the Swiss mountains, introduces junior clinical oncologists to the principles of good clinical trials design. The robust educational programme offers the most stimulating, interactive and multidisciplinary educational activity on clinical trial methodology in oncology. This session will be held on Monday 30 September 2013.

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